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Livewebcom chat

I have seen earlier PHP versions still being used in production, so unless you know exactly where your code will run I would still check for linebreaks.

But even a game of tennis or golf can be steamy especially when your date asks you to help her improve her game…Dinner / Sushi: If a dinner date is what you are looking for, then send this gift.

For about five credits, Generous members can now send a virtual gift with their offer or email to Attractive members.So, because I have better things to do, I've just spent a while trying to find a white space character which isn't trimmed by trim, and therefore messes up parse_url, but is a valid white space in the header function.I found that if I encode the unicode character formfeed, U 000C, and place it before the URL as so: 3 being mapped in the backend to a nice URL.Once 10 virtual gifts have been received, the Attractive member may redeem them for a 30-day premium upgrade to their account!As such, we recommend you only send this gift to members after you’ve been exchanging emails with them for a while, and only if you know they’re just as playful as you are.

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